Adventures of 2012 ~ Part 1

10 Jan

This is a view of what we were up to in 2012 ,


Very excited about planting these flowers and plants…





Our first tree, thank you Noelle :} great Mother’s Day gift! This is a Crabapple Prairefire






In March Phyllis came for a visit! We had a great time.


Then we were off to CA. for Penelope’s 1st birthday! So much fun!


What a beauty!




Playing in the park





We never grow tired of our beautiful sky’s and weather changes..{well except the wind}





Working hard to get done before the storm hits!


Part 2 coming soon





Snow Shoe Adventure! Dec. 30,2011

1 Jan

This is what we did last year for New Years Eve Day…it was totally a fun day….

The Inlow’s and the Johnson’s rang in the new year with us…

Greg decided to carry the camera bag after this spill..hahaha

That was a great day..looking forward to doing this again.

Thanksgiving~ 2011

7 Nov

We decided to make the trip  to Refugio State Beach! This is near Santa Barbara. A long journey for us traveling from Utah, but we were very excited about continuing with our tradition of camping for Thanksgiving…We started out with anticipation of what our week would be like. Looking forward to fun filled times.

Well, this doesn’t look like much fun at all!!!


Nothing but HUGE trucks buzzing past!

Headed on down the road…WHAT  THE !? What was that sound??? Another Freakin Tire just blew out !!!!!

Ok…now on our way again, 4 new tires and less money than we started with, but we MUST get there!

Finally here. It rained on us pretty hard while setting up camp..

But we are good to go now.

Look at this cutie pie that was able to join us!! Oh ya, her parents too..hehehe

One of my FAVORITES !!!!!!

Go Shal Go!

‘Hey Elin, let’s be adventurous !’

OOPS! Didn’t even see this!

That was a blast!

Amaiah having a bit of fun.


Such a good daddy

Preparing a good breakfast


Well in spite of some unfortunate situations,we had a good gathering and counted our blessings.

We are sooooo looking forward to this coming Thanksgiving! See you there.



Activities from Oct.~Nov. 2011

29 Jun

Greg has worked so hard on moving our dirt won’t erode.

Planning it out.

Look, still standing. Survived the snow.This is a good sign.

This was taken on 11-11-2011..we thought we  were so cleaver! 11 is a favorite of ours :}

Hello Pookie!

Having fun during one of my visits

Uncle Josh and Penelope…no the beard didn’t frighten her… did frighten me though…just kidding honey.

The Ball Family usually brings us a bounty of eggs fresh from their chickens…:} We always have a fun time when they are visiting.

Happy Girls…hehehe

Steve making a very tasty pasta dinner!

Thank you Sierra and Andrea! These were yummy.

Missing my family!!! Thank goodness I am able to skype!!!!!

So fun to see…

One of our pretty sunsets.

That’s all for now. Update soon…

Quad ride with the Walton’s~ Sept.2011

14 Jun

We wanted to see the trees that had changed color for the Fall…so we went on a quad ride with Bob and Nancy…

Pretty wildflowers

“honey, can you just go out and get that rock for our yard?”

The views were sooo pretty that day,and here are the color changes! Love this.

This was a beautiful area.

Bob made it easy for us to see him!

Nancy and I had a fun time reading these signs…[ just noticed that the word ‘can’t was not in my shot…]

So pretty

YIKES! Look at how dirty my face is and I was sitting behind Greg! Maybe I should have taken a picture of him…

Fun day just searching out new sites…looking forward to more.

‘Little’ visit in September 2011

14 Jun

The Little’s came for a quick visit in September…

Shiv, lounging with her Daddy

Amaiah and Wyatt, just relaxing and watching a movie with Uncle Greg.

Let’s go!

‘How’s this Auntie?’

Very cute . Boy it was fun having them here! Even if it was a short visit. Can’t wait until they can stay longer…or just move here!

Come back soon PLEASE…Love you.

Inlow Visit with Kira and her boys

14 Jun

In August of 2011 { I know, I am a bit behind} Kira and her boys made the trip out to visit us along with her Mom and Dad. Lorilee and Steve  brought the first of many loads to put into storage for their future house here in Utah.

Jakob, Kaleb and Kira

Nice packing job..even the antlers made it safely!

During the week the guys went up to Beaver Mtn. to do some hunting. While they were there we decided to take the boys up there to see where their Papa and Uncle Greg, hunted. The boys were sooo excited about going on a quad ride.

Lorilee and I stayed behind and waited for them.

The clouds began to roll in shortly after they left ..

Then it started to POUR!!!! Tons of thunder and lightning. Lorilee was very concerned …anxiously awaiting their return,which took a LONG time…

After a very long time, we finally heard about the ‘quad group’. They were spotted along side a road, huddled together under a space blanket, waiting out the storm!

Here they come!!! Finally!

Hmmm, Jakob doesn’t look too happy! Come to find out, he rode like this all the way back to camp…poor little guy..he did NOT like this storm ONE BIT!!!

Kira looks like she fared ok..nice smile

Talking about their experience with the camo guys…

Kaleb’s response was, ” A hunter carried me to the trailer!” He thought that was pretty cool!

Jakob was saying to me,  ” Aunt Vickie, I don’t know why you are taking pictures! That was NOT FUN!”

Soaked, Dad and daughter..

The boys put on some much needed, dry clothes.. Jakob is wearing some of my jeans…hahaha.

Much happier with nice warm clothes on and Hot Chocolate!

The next day we took them horse back riding..they had a much better time doing that!